Why Choose Starfish Lane Kids?

As a new nursery, we have had many happy children grow, play and develop in our friendly Australian nursery.

We have worked hard to grow our reputation for the highest quality childcare in Abu Dhabi. Your child will flourish in our holistic environment.

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Here are some other reasons, hundreds of parents have chosen
Starfish Lane Kids for their children:

  • Our door is always open, parents can drop in at any time and feel welcome.
  • High success rate in the highly competitive school placement system due to our school readiness programme.
  • Our amazing staff are full of energy and enthusiasm – and love teaching young children.
  • We have (free) integrated enrichment activities – Yoga, Playball, Kids in the Kitchen, Gardening.
  • Starfish Lane Kids has a fully qualified pediatric nurse on duty and all staff are first-aid & CPR trained.
  • With seven classes, your child will be placed in the right class to suit their soc / emo and cognitive needs.
  • Our Australian EY Framework is excellent for cognitive and social development and learning through play.
  • We have fantastic facilities indoors and out (spacious, sun-filled), top-quality furnishings & equipment.
  • We have a fire warden at each nursery and have monthly fire drills so children are familiar with the procedures.
  • We pride ourselves on the design, aesthetics and size of our nurseries.
  • We are proud of our cleanliness and follow the "Staying Healthy in Childcare" Australian guidelines, 5th Edition.
  • We engage with parents through regular feedback, coffee mornings, parent education meetings etc.
  • Working parents can benefit from our extended opening hours from 6:30am to 4pm.
  • We have high staff / child ratios so your child gets more than enough individual attention every hour of the day.

Our children learn through play. We want to teach our children to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and re-enforce respect for all people (parents, teachers, friends) belongings (theirs and others), the planet (environment, animals) and cultures.

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What parents say about Starfish Lane Kids

Here’s what our happy parents have to say about Starfish Lane Kids….


“The nursery itself is bright, spacious and very clean. The staff know their stuff, are willing to go out of their way to help and are always smiling! I receive daily photos of what my kids have been up to along with a journal explaining what my kids ate, the number of nappy changes and what they did that day. Both my kids love it here!”

Kat, mother of Gypsy and Ethan

“We really appreciate the varied curriculum which includes Arabic, cooking, art, Yoga, reading, outside and indoor play as well as visits to the nursery from guest speakers. Her vocabulary continues to develop at a rapid rate thanks to the interactive and imaginative activities she takes part in.”

Helen, mother of Eden

When my son comes home I am amazed every day at how much he is developing what a great job Starfish Lane are doing I highly recommend the nursery!”

Charlotte, mother of Layth

“Such a fun, happy and caring place. Every child is an individual and so loved…I am so glad we chose Starfish.”

Holly, mother of Jemima and Caspar

“As a working parent the nursery is very accommodating to our needs and go out of their way to help if they can. The staff are so welcoming and professional and there is a lovely atmosphere. I cannot recommend Starfish Lane Kids more highly.”

 Jessica mother of Sophie.

“It is simply outstanding, this nursery just keeps getting better and better: very friendly staff, amazing decorations, beautiful play areas, indoors and outdoors, a large elegant place – a beautiful atmosphere for my son”

  Shivo El-Zeftawi father of Jude

 “It is with no hesitation I drop her off at Starfish Lane each morning as I know she is in the safest of hands. I truly believe the staff at this Nursery are not only professionals who put in 100% every day at work, but also a group of people (many who are parents themselves) who have each individual child's very best interests at heart.”

Shea Johnston mother of Iris

“Our Little Girl is completely happy and excited to head to Nursery each day, especially loves her daily yoga and has even started reciting her newly learnt Arabic words at home. It really has become her home-away-from-home and I can't thank the team enough for all they continually do.”

Shea Johnston, mother of Iris

“The classroom staff are amazing. They are friendly and approachable. They are always actively engaged with the children and really focus on nurturing the development of each child whilst recognising each child's own unique personality.”

Helen, mother of Eden.

“This nursery offers a lot more to me as a mum, providing me with peace of mind that my son is in a safe, educational, fun environment and the staff are always happy to take the time to talk to me and give such helpful advice and tips on my child's development. When my son comes home I am amazed every day at how much he is developing what a great job Starfish Lane Kids are doing I highly recommend the nursery!” 

Charlotte, mother of Layth

“We are so happy that we found Starfish Lane Kids for William - to wake him up in the morning I just tell him it's a nursery day & he jumps out of bed! He loves his teachers, and has learnt so much since he started... Fantastic environment for the little ones!” 

Jacki, mother of William

“Our son’s development has improved out of sight since starting at Starfish Lane Kids, his talking is amazing we've been there over a year now and couldn't be happier. The building itself is always so clean and fresh and as a parent you want to stay there it's inviting and warm and you know your children feel the same way.  We have been to other nurseries in Abu Dhabi…but Starfish Lane Kids has ticked all of our boxes, we couldn't be happier!” 

Tarsha, mother of Koby and Cheyse

“My three year old joined {Starfish Lane Kids] six months ago as a little boy with delayed speech, he has left [for primary school] as a confident little lad with a growing vocabulary. This was only possible due the loving, caring and totally welcoming staff at Starfish. From the guy who opens the gate in the morning to the receptionist who greets us to the staff who totally understood him and created an environment for him to grow and prosper. I only wish he could've stayed longer. "

Stuart, father of Lochlan

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Starfish Parents

We work hard to ensure you are involved in your children’s development and growth during their time at Starfish Lane Kids. We have professional teachers and we want you to feel comfortable asking for, or sharing information about your child. Our doors and communication channels are always open.

We also host parent education evenings, where we discuss issues like "Third Culture Kids" or social and emotional intelligence, separation anxiety, or developing confidence. Each Starfish Lane Kids branch holds regular coffee mornings where we invite parents to stop in for a quick chat and look around. Our staff actively take photos of your little one for sending to you and adding it to your child’s individual learning journal. This is a portfolio that collects your child’s artwork, records their activities and also cute photos of them in action.

We also have a Starfish Lane Kids  Facebook for Abu Dhabi with news, events and pictures of our nursery.

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Watch Our Video

Take just over 3 minutes to get a good look inside our nurseries with this video. We hope you will come and visit us and see for yourself why kids and parents love Starfish Lane Kids nurseries.

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Health & Safety

The health and safety of children at SFL is our primary concern and we take it very seriously. Each branch has a certified nurse and a dedicated fire warden. All the SF ladies have undergone extensive training in first aid and are all pediatric first aid certified. We have regular training sessions, and safety checks and monthly fire drills are built into the routine of life at the nursery. We have a nut-free policy. Children are trained at an early age to wash their hands regularly during the day, especially before eating or after visiting the toilet.

Toys and Equipment

All of our toys and equipment are kept fresh and clean. Our extensive inventory of high quality European, American and Australian materials is specially selected for the role it plays in supporting our children’s social development, learning goals, and, of course, the fun factor! Play based learning: a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations.


We are a friendly, award winning Australian Nursery in Abu Dhabi. We welcome babies from 2 months and children up to 4 years to Starfish Lane Kids to play, learn and develop with us. Come and visit to see why hundreds of parents have chosen us. Pop in and say hello.

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