Typical Day

Early Birds

Starfish children are welcomed into the Starfish Cove to start their day, from 6:30am. They may come in and have breakfast to energy up or jump straight in to the action. The children are free to explore and decide which pre-set activity they would like to do or choose a carpet toy or sensory table to explore in as they wait for class friends to arrive.

Getting Started:

Typically, our children go back into the class and wash up. Then they gather for circle time, they learn to greet their friends in class, sing interactive and playful and action songs, do the calendar and weather. The teacher will talk about the topic they are learning about and share information with the children and tell them about their day’s activities. Children then take their name off the board and choose an activity. Then they are free to move around in the classroom.

Healthy Eating:

Our Kids in the Kitchen program also takes place once a week in the morning in which children prepare a recipe in the class. They learn to eat healthy in a fun way. They measure, stir, roll and knead all sorts of yummy creations and once they are cooked, they get to enjoy their hard work. Our nutritionist team select a new recipe each week.

Chillax Time:

Depending on their age and individual needs, may have nap at any time throughout the day in our dedicated, darkened and quiet sleeping rooms with comfy beds and cots.

Lunch Bunch:

Lunch times vary for classrooms but all children sit down and eat together. The children learn self-help skills and making decisions about what to eat from their lunch box and which favourite food first. To encourage independence, we allow them to open their own bags and put away their containers when they are finished. They can reach for their water bottle anytime throughout the day.

Play & Explore:

Throughout the classroom, the children learn by playing and exploring. All the toys in the classroom have a purpose, threading to develop fine motors skills, sorting by color, size and shape, and in quantities, they can build towers and knock it over using gross motor skills. They can read a book in the classroom or get imaginative and pretend to be anything they want in the dress-up corner or role play areas which we change every week.

Outside Action:

In the cooler months, classes will go outside and play in the sunshine and fresh air with a variety of bikes and cars, sand pit, slides or choose to read a book, build a giant lego tower or chase bubbles. Let it Grow! In the cooler months, the children will go outside again in the afternoon and water their plants that they grew in the fall, pull out weeds, harvest any tomatoes / carrots.


During the morning, they will have a Playball lesson which is a sports movement program, it helps to develop children’s gross motor skills, ball skills, balance and mobility. They also learn to work as a team and individually, take turns, listen and follow instructions, and build on previous skills.

Yes to Yoga:

Every week in the afternoon the children practice a yoga move. This is done outside or in the Starfish Cove. They love to practice and follow the yoga instructors lead, bend little bodies, stretch and twist.

See you tomorrow! Children grab their little bags as they are collected by parents and say goodbye. Parents can get feedback on the daily activities of their children but also later, in their individual learning portfolio that is updated weekly.

Normal days end at 2pm. A late pick up is after 2pm and before or at 4pm.


We are a friendly, award winning Australian Nursery in Abu Dhabi. We welcome babies from 2 months and children up to 4 years to Starfish Lane Kids to play, learn and develop with us. Come and visit to see why hundreds of parents have chosen us. Pop in and say hello.

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